Our Historical Olive Estate

Surrounded by cypresses and ancient olive trees, Ventena Vecchia offers a breathtaking view of the lush landscape of the Chianti Mountains, the Arno Valley and the Pratogagno Woods.


The stone walls of the ancient olive terraces would certainly have much to tell - for example, of monastic ownership in the Middle Ages, or perhaps even of its beginnings by the Etruscans....


Later, and at least until the middle of the 20th century, Ventena Vecchia was the property of a wealthy landowner and was cultivated by farmers under the Mezzadria. Olives have probably always been the main product of this estate, as suggested in particular by the historical oil mill. And this is not surprising, since this very area is widely known for its excellent olive oil.


The current owners took over the estate about 20 years ago, renovated it from the ground up and with respect for the historical substance and turned it into the bijou it is today. 


The historical substance is visible everywhere, almost tangible, because often there are raw, unplastered walls, beam and brick ceilings. On the other hand, new technology is usable, but it steps back and does not dominate, but works in the background: floor heating with thermostat control, satellite TV, Internet, WLAN, water management.  


Here you can feel at ease!


Olive Terrasses

The land of Ventena Vecchia today covers about 15 hectares, of which about 5 1/2 hectares are olive trees, for a total of about 1'200 trees. A large part of the land where the olive trees are located is terraced, i.e. fortified with historical dry stone walls.

Catasto Leopoldino


In the Leopoldine land register of about 1820, Ventena Vecchia is depicted in a form that largely corresponds to the present structure. In fact, however, Ventena Vecchia is much older, and perhaps even of Etruscan origin.

Oil Mill


The large, historic oil mill suggests that the production of olive oil has always been the main economic base of Ventena Vecchia. In the past, much more land - and therefore many more olive trees - also belonged to it. 


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