Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A good extra virgin olive oil is comparable to good wine: the terroir and the processing are decisive. With wine there is a Grand Cru or a Super Tuscany as a seal of quality.


It is exactly the same with olive oil: the Moncioni region is known as an excellent site and our careful processing guarantees the high quality of the final product. Without a doubt: the oil from Ventena Vecchia is a "Grand Cru".


In addition, we have been certified organic for over 10 years in compliance with European standards. Moreover, we are proud to continue a regional tradition, Ventena Vecchia is after all a very old olive estate with a good reputation, whose tradition we want to preserve. 



Green Edition

The Extra Vergine with the green cap corresponds to our "standard" of the last years. We have lightly filtered it - but not too much, so that all the vitamins are not eliminated.


The oil of this line was obtained from olives that are already a little riper, so it is a little milder than the other two offers and can be recommended in principle for all uses. 


As for shelf life, for regulatory reasons we have to put "Best before 04/2022" on the label - but in reality good olive oils last much longer. Availability is limited. 


Cartons of 6 bottles of 500 ml for € 108.00 plus shipping. 




Gold Edition

The oil with the golden cap - the "Gold Edition" - will go on sale in April at the earliest. The oil from the first "early harvest" will be left to mature. 

It becomes clear during this time, but retains all vitamins and ingredients.


The taste of this oil is a bit stronger, because it is unfiltered.  It is made from almost 100% Moraiolo olives.


Shipping is expected from April 2021 to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, other countries on request. 


Price: € 20.00 per bottle. Available for order in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland from April 2021 in boxes of 6 bottles at € 120.00 plus shipping. Before April 2021 it is possible to reserve!




No. 595

The Extra Vergine "No. 595" is a speciality: "595" is the plot number in the Leopoldine cadastre of about 1820 of the plot that designated the immediate surroundings of the owner's villa. In fact, even today there are the most magnificent olive trees. "595" today, in the best Tuscan tradition, is supposed to mean that this is the best product, which otherwise belonged only to the owner family (in the sense of mezzadria).


This extra virgin comes from the very first harvest of almost only green olives and is unfiltered. The oil is therefore cloudy and contains all the valuable substances. Due to many conversations with our customers, who would like to have an authentic product, we decided to offer a small, limited quantity for sale. It tastes very strong, green-peppery and is suitable as a condiment, for example pure on toasted ciabatta, the so-called "fettunta" - or a filo over plain spaghetti with a little parmesan, and this is already a feast!


Bottles of 250 ml.  Price: € 12.00 per bottle. Cartons of 4 bottles at € 48.00 plus shipping. 



Of course, there is also olive oil as an "industrial product" - analogous to "black tea" - or as adulterated, or counterfeit goods - analogous to "Tuscan olive oil from Spain". The tests of the consumer organizations are full of it. Unfortunately!

We cannot change the world. But we would like to contribute with our olive oil, so that the tradition of high quality is not lost, and the lovers of the genuine, unadulterated, high quality Tuscan olive oil can continue to enjoy it.


However: to produce a Tuscan Extra Vergine at € 3.99 for the half liter is simply not possible - just as it is not possible to produce a Grand Cru wine at the price of a hobo wine!

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