1. We do not know what is coming. But we think positively - and expect that the situation will rather improve by the discipline of the people, by expected medication and vaccination.


2. Ventena Vecchia is relatively large; there are no large crowds. And we keep our distance. 


3. Where close contact can be avoided, we avoid it. So we have introduced the "contactless reception": We handle the necessary bureaucratic matters electronically. The key to the apartment is placed in the lock of the door.....


4. After the departure of the guests, the apartments are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected according to the prescribed manner. The staff will confirm that the cleaning has been done.


5. In case of cancellation we will accommodated our guests: cancellations due to changed covid-19 situation are also possible in 2022 up to two weeks before the beginning of the rental period free of charge. But if even within these two weeks travel restrictions are suddenly introduced, a cancellation free of charge is still possible. However, it is best to postpone your vacation to start with. This is also possible with us free of charge. 

In any case, we recommend our guests to take out a travel cancellation insurance. 


Rental contract with modified cancellation clause for 2022


Due to uncertainties regarding travel restrictions under Covid-19 crisis, in 2022 cancellation will be charged only from 14 days before the start of the rental, 90% in the first week, or the total rental price in the second week. No cancellation fee is payable before that.


Cancellation is possible if new travel restrictions are introduced that did not exist at the time of booking, or if the virus situation changes significantly. If in the 14 days before the beginning of the rental period surprisingly new governmental restrictions are communicated, which make a vacation trip impossible, then this invoice is also cancelled. Already paid deposits will be refunded. 


If a booked stay is not possible due to this crisis, we will be happy to offer you a postponement to a later date this year or a postponement to next year. 


We recommend you to take out a travel cancellation insurance, because not always a cancellation coincides with a surprising travel restriction and not always a Covid travel restriction is the reason for a cancellation. 


Informationen about Covid in Italy/Tuscany


Website of the government:

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