The Estate

The „villa“  together with the „casa colonica“, which was growing over time as the number of inhabitants increased, are situated at an outstanding place with panoramic views near the village of Moncioni. The estate includes an acricultural area of 15 ha.

The „villa“ is in its present form only about 110 years old. Yet, most of its walls  as well as the walls of the „casa colonica“ are much older. The old worked stones seem to be telling stories of the 12th century cloistral roots.

After taking over the estate in 2000, we have worked for several years to restore it with care and respect for its history, and with a view to best combine the historical charm with modern hospitability.

Thus, the individual apartments, which were created in the „casa colonica“, are the result of careful adjustment of the existing construction. 

Ventena Vecchia on the 'Catasto Leopoldino', beginning of the 19th century. The lines of the buildings and the streets seem to have not changed much....