Olio d’Oliva

Ventena Vecchia antico frantoio

In our historic olive grove in Chianti we produce with 1200 olive trees one of the best organic olive oils in the region. We are passionate about a product that really has a soul. And you should also know that behind every bottle of oil there is a lot of hard manual work. In our temperate Mediterranean climate, on terraces in a south-facing slope, our olive trees find ideal living conditions: above all the long and intense light and few frosty days. Thanks to its location at an altitude of 500 meters, pests have no chance and we can do without any kind of chemical fertilizers and sprays.

ln the Chianti region, the rich lime and heat storage soils allow to grow equally excellent vines and olives. Our cultivated varieties are Moraiolo (95%), Frantoio (2%), Leccino (2%) and Pendolino (1%). The olive is very sensitive fruit, which must not be damaged when harvested, otherwise the quality of the bio oil is affected by oxidation. So we do our harvesting without vibrating machines. Our olives are still lovingly and carefully hand-picked by diligent workers. And regarding the oil mill, we prefer cold pressing in a continuous and closed system, which guarantees absolute purity and minimizes oxidation.

The experience of tradition


After harvesting, the olives from our fields are immediately brought to the mill for cold pressing.


An extra virgin olive oil rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, containing monounsaturated fatty acids beneficial to the body.


The large area of land, which houses our beautiful olive trees, gives us the opportunity to make our own EXTRA VIRGIN BIO OLIVE OIL available for sale. Olio Extravergine Bio.


Early harvesting from the beginning of November gives our organic oil its unique taste. Immediately after pressing, the notes vary spicy, peppery and slightly bittersweet. During a rest period of about 3 months in stainless steel tanks, our ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL develops an unparalleled taste experience - now it gets its sweet and rounded note with a touch of artichoke and green tomatoes, the typical aroma of the Moraiolo olive, which is always appreciated by gourmets. Filed in 500 ml bottles, the freshness and consistently high quality are guaranteed until the time of consumption.


In our experience, with proper storage (fresh and dry in the dark) even for several years. Unfortunately, we must respect the European rule, which states that oil is stable only for two years. In fact, EU rules are quite strict. To receive the BIO certificate every year, we pay high commissions and soil samples are taken to ensure that no chemical fertilizers or sprays are used. Labeling of bottle labels is also specified to the millimeter. We guarantee that our organic olive oil comes exclusively from its own cultivation.

Our extra virgin olive oil is the result of tradition and hard work, an organic food boast symbol of the quality with which we operate and live.

In Ventena Vecchia


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